Assessment Maintenance Program Update/facts

? The program is designed to avoid costly Revaluations.
? Assessments will remain at 2012 levels (last year of revaluation) until all properties are visited and data analyzed.
? It is anticipated the property visits will take another 2-3 years to complete.
? Visits were suspended during COVID and reconvened in March 2022.
? Township personnel from the Assessor’s office conduct the property visits.
? Township personnel wear photo identification. Photos of personnel are also on the Medford Township website on the Assessor’s page.
? Medford Township Police are aware of the areas personnel are working.
? Residential property owners are noticed by postcard ahead of property visits.
? Commercial property owners are noticed by letter ahead of property visits.
? Door hangers with further instruction are left on or near front door when property owner is not available during the initial visit.
? An online appointment system is available @
? Photographs are taken of the exterior front, rear and outbuildings only (no interior photos).
? Adjustment of assessed value to market value will be accomplished after all properties are visited and data analyzed (anticipate 2-3 years from now).
? After the first-year adjustment to market levels, adjustments will be made annually to market levels.
? Regulations require properties be visited once every 5 years to cross-check/update data.
? The program is designed to maintain uniformity and equal assessment levels.

Assessment and other information is available @, select the Department & Services tab and select Assessor’s Office.
609-654-2608 ext. 304, 305 or 306

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