Assessment Maintenance Program Update/Facts

The Assessor’s Office is visiting all properties in the community to collect data as part of the assessment maintenance program. We will notice the areas to be inspected by postcard and follow up with an in person visit.

Assessment Maintenance Program

The Township of Medford’s Assessor’s Office commenced the data collection phase of an assessment maintenance program. All properties in the community will be visited by the Assessor’s office during this phase. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the inspection process. As of March 1, 2022 our office will notice the areas we will commence inspections.

After data is collected and updated, the Assessor’s Office will have the option to adjust assessed values annually reflecting current market conditions. Global assessment adjustments will not occur until a State mandated requisite number of property visits are completed. Notice will be provided ahead of any global assessment changes. It is estimated to take approximately 2-3 years for this first phase to be completed.

Monmouth County, Somerset County and other communities around the state have implemented similar programs and have documented positive results regarding uniformity of assessments and fiscal responsibility/stability. (***Please click the links below to view the Moody’s December 2017 report, The Somerset County Experience and the Monmouth County 2017 update).

The purpose/benefits of the program are as follows:

Note, not all values need to change annually, the system enables the Assessor to recognize and respond to changes in the marketplace.

The first phase of the program includes a visit to each property in the community. Information regarding property visits are as follows:

We look forward to your anticipated cooperation.

The Assessor’s Office
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