Arts, Culture and History

An on-going project is underway by the Medford Historical Society, located at the Kirby's Mill Complex, which will help preserve and safeguard their records. Many thousands of documents and photos are currently being scanned, stored and backed up securely to the cloud. And, to make them available for public viewing, they have begun to post them to Zenfolio, a photo and video hosting site that is the new home of their digitally scanned records. Historic society documents and photos along with donated photos and documents are also being scanned. Once a document or photo is scanned and uploaded to our site, key words are added making it searchable by the general public. A little more than 500 photos and documents have been added in the first few months.

Stop by and visit their new digital archive at Medford History Zenfolio and browse the galleries. You too can help with the project - review the photos and their captions, click "Share" and send us any additional comments to [email protected].

Air Victory Museum

Historic Medford Village - Main Street Shops (MAP)

Stroll and browse the historic Medford Village area which was first settled by the Society of Friends in 1762.

On the web as or on Facebook as #DestinationMedford

Medford Arts Center

Medford Historical Society - Kirby’s Mill, Cross Keys One Room School House and the Haines/Tomlinson House

The Medford Historical Society is 100% volunteer and a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Much has been accomplished in 50 years with the funds that they have raised through donations, memberships and events. Please join us in thanking the members of the Historical Society for their efforts and wishing them continued success in the years to come as they continue to be a part of the history of Medford, New Jersey.
Kirby's Mill is a 225+ year old grist mill and waterwheel, blacksmith shop and museum complex. Call for schedule of tours and events.

Medford Memorial Community Center

Self Guided Walking Tour of Historic Medford Village

The Medford Historical Society is proud to announce that 2016 represented its 50th year of incorporation as an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Medford's history. It started with Kirby's Mill located on Church Road which was completely restored. Since then restoration has been completed on the blacksmith shop, barn and Sawyer's House. The entire Kirby's Mill Complex is now a museum and available for tours. A group of dedicated volunteers continues to oversee the old mill and have plans to expand a farm equipment exhibit in the barn. Several events are held there annually to bring out new visitors, including the renowned Apple Festival, Country Day at the Mill, the Annual Quilt Show, and the annual Art Exhibition.

Arts, Culture and History

The Cross Keys School House was relocated from the point at Stokes Road to it's current location on Mill Street. The Medford Historical Society has an agreement with the Township of Medford and the Medford Board of Education to care for the building. It has been furnished to portray a classroom complete with a wood burning stove in the center. Several volunteers now serve as school marms and elementary school classes visit to learn what school was like in the early 1800's. It has several open houses during the year.

Dr. James Still Historic Office Site & Education Center
210 Mt. Holly Road

A few years ago the State of New Jersey contacted the Historical Society and the Township about the property where Dr. James Still's office is located. The farm adjacent to it had also been donated to the State and they asked us to take on the project of rehabilitating the office and opening it for educational purposes and tours. The former Bunning Farmhouse next door has now been restored and dedicated as the Dr. James Still Education Center. This will continue to serve as a place where the staff and volunteers can continue promoting the valuable history of herbal medicines that Dr. Still shared throughout our area. The Site operates under the NJ Department of Parks & Forestry. The office had remained empty for many years and suffered much deterioration. Recently the Township Council renamed Cranberry Park in Dr. Still's honor. It was formally dedicated on April 9th, 2019, which is Dr. Still's birthday.

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