Open Space and Farmland

A summary of open space and farmland purchases made or participated in by the State of New Jersey Green Acres Program, Burlington County and/or Medford Township. Current total is 5,662 acres of preserved open space and farmland.

Click HERE for a copy of the Planning Board & Council approved Open Space, Recreation & Conservation Plan element to the Master Plan (approved November 2021).

Click HERE for a PDF map of Medford's Open Space & Farmland System Map (dated November 2021).

Open Space and Farmland

Click HERE for a PDF map of Medford's Recreation & Open Space Map (dated November 2021).

Click HERE for a PDF map of Medford's Natural Resources (dated November 2021).

Click HERE for a PDF of Medford's Bikeway Map/Plan (dated November 2021).

Click HERE to view a copy of Medford's Recreation & Open Space Inventory filed with the State of NJ Green Acres Program. (November 2021).

Click HERE to view a pamphlet of Medford's Open Space & Recreation Plan highlights.

*Full size copies of these maps & plans are available for review in the Planning & Zoning Offices

Permanently Preserved Open Space

Bende, Cranberry, & Bob Meyer Parks 42
Freedom & Medford Parks and Rancocas Creek Trails 250
Hartford Crossing Park 122
Worrell Field 24
Headwater 90
Lambeth Walk & Lakeside 52
YMCA Camp Ockanickon 565
Sanctuary (Samost) 750
JCC Camp 114
Rancocas Conservancy 28
Wollman Farm 185
Dr. Still Office & Bunning Farm 21
Kirby's Mill/Lake Cotoxen 20
Eni (Cow Pointe) 158
Eni ("Whalen" Farm) 64
Eni (Misc parcels) 75
Shendock 76
Girl Scout Camp 63
Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge 179
Brick Farm / Bogs (Wharton) 393
Subtotal 3,271 Acres

Permanently Preserved Farmland (Click HERE for Map)

Stokelan/Fieldstone 233
Johnson’s Farm 90
Jennings Farm 100
Gerber Farm 687
Indian Acres Tree Farm 134
Eni (Branin Rd.) 164
Muckenfuss Farm 133
Brick Cranberry Bogs 800
Adams Farm 30
Subtotal 2,391 Acres

Hunting Prohibition

**Per Medford Township Ordinance 109-3; Prohibited Acts in Parks & Playgrounds, Article K specifically states that it is illegal to “hold, possess or use any firearm or weapons in or within 300 feet of any park, playground or open space area.”

Further, Article L states that it is prohibited to “molest, trap, capture or hunt, remove, injure or kill any animal or disturb its habitat, except in portions of any park or open space area designated as open for fishing.”

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