Frequently Asked Questions

You may speak with the Prosecutor only on your court date. During court, there will be an announcement made that the Prosecutor will meet everyone in the hallway who wishes to talk to him about their case. The Judge is prohibited from speaking to either party prior to the disposition of the case.
No, when one summons is marked “Court Appearance Required”, all of the summonses are then scheduled for court even if they are not marked as such.
The payment is due by the court date that is listed on the bottom of the summons.
Partial payments cannot be accepted through the violations bureau. In order to have a partial payment agreement, you must appear in court. However, a short extension period may be granted if you need more time to pay the summons in full.
Delinquent notices are generated each week for accounts that are past due or when a payment is received that is less than the amount that is owed. If the Judge arranged a payment schedule for you and you fail to submit a payment in accordance with that schedule, a notice will be sent to you. If you fail to maintain your payment schedule, it could result in suspension of your driving privileges and/or a warrant for your arrest.
Municipal Court Employees are prohibited from giving you this information. However, if you go to there is a listing of the points that are assessed for specific violations.
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