Work under annual Road Improvement Program to commence October 7th

Council awarded a contract for the 2020 Road Improvement Project on September 7, 2021. Work on the annual Road Improvement Program is set to start on October 7th. The following roads will be repaved as a part of the project: Tabernacle Road, West Lake Avenue, Tudor Court, Scarlet Oaks Mews, Lakewood Avenue, Virginia Trail/Christopher Mills Road Intersection, North Lakeside Drive West, Branin (Peacock) Road, Chestnut Road, Acorn Court, Park Road, Sycamore Drive & Aspen Court, Hopewell Road/ Sacagawea Trail intersection and Great Bridge Drive/Headwater Drive intersection, Brace Road from Ark Road to Medford Mount Holly Road, and Jackson Road from Birchwood Drive to Tuckerton Road.

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