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10/8/2021 - Fort Medford in Bob Meyer Park undergoing major renovations--playground currently re-opened
10/23/21 UPDATE: ***Phase I of the renovation project has been completed. The park will remain open until Phase II starts, which is anticipated to be in April, 2022.***

In the early 1990’s, a group of new mothers in Medford had a dream for a playground that would be created, funded and built by the community itself. They engaged the services of the Leathers & Associates firm, who led a nationwide movement of “design and build” community playgrounds. It was during this time period that several other Burlington County municipalities built similar playgrounds.

Overcoming a mountain of hurdles, in the spring of 1995 that dream was realized with the help of many generous donations from local businesses and the hard labor of a whole host of volunteers. This project defied the odds and succeeded in bringing the entire community together to miraculously build Fort Medford in Bob Meyer Park in five grueling days. The playground was an immediate hit with children, parents and grandparents alike and has become one of Medford’s treasures in its municipal park system. It’s important to note that at the time, Fort Medford was also the largest playground in Medford; with the Freedom Park playground not opening until 1998.
In 2010, the Township Council allocated $175,000 and joined forces with the Fort Medford Playground Committee to build a 100% handicapped accessible addition to the playground, which was the first fully handicapped playground in Burlington County.
As the “original” Fort Medford is approaching its 27th year, the Township Council is undertaking a complete restoration. The Council has confirmed its commitment by applying for and receiving a $100,000 grant under the Burlington County Municipal Park Development Grant program, and allocating $200,000 in its Municipal Capital budget. The Fort Medford Playground Committee has also allocated funds to work on the landscaping, the Bob Meyer Park memorial area and the signage to complete the renovations to Bob Meyer Park.
The park will remain closed during construction phases, which may extend into next spring due to supply chain issues. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding, and we too eagerly await the grand re-opening!!
The other areas of Bob Meyer Park will remain open during any periods of construction.

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