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Hosted by the Medford Township Council’s Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee, Pinelands Preservation Alliance, and the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions.  This is free and the public is encouraged to attend!  You may also register on-line at


Date & Time: Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 7:00 pm -8:30 pm 
Location: Cranberry Hall Senior Center, located behind the Medford Municipal Offices at 17 North Main Street, Medford, NJ


Creek-Friendly Yards Information Session

Everything that we do on the land affects the water that we rely on for day-to-day life. Join us to learn about how you can manage your yard to improve your impact on the environment and reduce the amount of pollution that makes its way into our water.


  1.  Conserving Water at Home

    Rich Bizub, Pinelands Preservation Alliance


  2. Landscaping for a Creek-Friendly Yard

    Isabella Castiglioni, Pinelands Preservation Alliance and the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions


  3. Septic Management

    Jamie Bitzer, English Sewage Disposal


  4. Declining Honeybees: What Can We Do to Help

Jason Shoff of the Mill Creek Apiary

Discussion will outline the benefits of honeybees as pollination and for biodiversity.  Jason will also discuss other common aggressive stinging insects- wasps & hornets, and misconceptions about the honeybee.  He will also explain the original term “Colony Collapse Disorder” and what it means today.  As a part of Jason’s presentation, he will introduce some ideas about what we can do to directly impact honeybee health, including use of alternative herbicides/ pesticides, keeping managed colonies and how to integrate beneficial plantings. 


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