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3/7/2018 - Medford Township OEM Declares State of Emergency





To all residents and persons within the Township of Medford, New Jersey and to all Departments of the Municipal Government of the Township of Medford.


WHEREAS, pursuant to the powers vested by (Chapter 251 of the laws of 1942 as amended and supplemented, N.J.S.A. App A:9-30 et seq, N.J.S.A. 40:48-1 (6); N.J.S.A. 2C:33-1 et seq; whichever law or laws apply, a local disaster emergency is declared to exist within the boundaries of the Township of Medford, and


WHEREAS, the aforesaid laws authorize the promulgation of such orders, rules and regulations as are necessary to meet the various problems which have occured due to Nor’easter Quin.


WHEREAS, by reason of the conditions which currently exist in certain areas of the Township of Medford, which may affect the health, safety and welfare of the people of the Township of Medford, and


WHEREAS, it has been determined that these areas of the Township of Medford should then be declared disaster areas and further that certain measures must be taken in order to insure that the authorities, as well as, maintaining an orderly flow of traffic, and further in order to protect the persons and property of the residents affected by the conditions, and


WHEREAS, the following areas are designated disaster areas:   THE ENTIRE TOWNSHIP OF MEDFORD


THEREFORE, IN ACCORDANCE WITH the aforesaid laws, it is promulgated and declared that the following regulations shall be in addition to all other laws of the State of New Jersey and the Township

of Medford,


  • Authorize the Chief of Police or his designee to determine the control and direction of the flow of vehicular traffic on any municipal or county road, including the right to detour, re-route, or divert any or all traffic and to prevent ingress or egress from any area that is deemed necessary for the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and to remove parked or abandoned vehicles from such roadways as conditions warrant. 


  • The evacuation of all persons, except for those emergency and governmental personnel whose presence is deemed necessary, from any area where their continued presence would present a danger to their health, safety, or welfare because of the conditions created by this emergency. 


  • Authorize the utilization of all facilities owned, rented, operated, and maintained by the Township of Medford, the Medford Township Public Schools, and the Lenape Regional High School District to house and shelter persons who may need to be evacuated from a residence, dwelling, building, structure, or vehicle during the course of this emergency. 


  • Authorize the Chief of Police and the Township Manager to waive, suspend, or modify any existing rule  or ordinance the enforcement of which would be detrimental to the public welfare during this emergency subject to consultation with the Director of Emergency Management. 


  • Reserve the right to utilize and employ all available resources of the Township government, whether persons, properties, or instrumentalities, and to commandeer and utilize any personal services and any privately owned property necessary to protect against this emergency. 


  • It shall be the duty of every person or entity in this Township or doing business in this Township and of the governing body and every official, employee, or agent of the Township to cooperate fully with the Municipal Director of Emergency Management in all matters concerning this state of emergency. 




_/s/  Lt. Robert Dovi Jr                                                             March 7th 2018                _____1743 hrs____

Emergency Management Coordinator                                   Date                                                     Time





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