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11/14/2014 - Vegetation & recycling in trash containers

Residents are reminded that vegetation (leaves, brush and grass clippings, etc.) and recycling are NOT permitted to be disposed of in trash containers.  We have received multiple reports of violations from our trash contractor this week.  Future violations may result in the non-collection of any trash container comingled with vegetation. 

Medford Township must enforce these regulations, as the County has sent us notice that we could be cited, and that they have the right to refuse to allow trash trucks with vegetation and/or recycling to dump at the County landfill.   

In a continuing effort to service residents wishing to dispose of leaves, brush and recycling, the Township Garage/Yard/Dump, located at 2 Commonwealth Drive, will accept these materials daily from 7 am until 1 pm.   Residents must provide proof of residency to gain access to the drop-off point.  Absolutely no contractors will be permitted to drop off any items.  Residents arriving at the drop-off area in a commercial vehicle will be asked to sign a form stating that all materials are from their personal residence and not commercially generated items.

We appreciate your cooperation with these regulations.

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