Medford News

6/25/2015 - STORM FOLLOW-UP

With Tuesday night's severe weather event, we ask that everyone assist in cleanup and restoration of power by doing the following;

1) PSEG has opened an Assistance Station at the Union Fire Company located at 1 Firehouse Lane (off of Main Street) They have water, ice and a charging station.  If you are in need of power because of an illness or disability, we do have shelter available during the day to accommodate you at the Cranberry Hall Senior Center.  Medford Fitness at 3 Nelson Drive is also open to the community to shower, work-out, use the pool, relax in air-conditioning and to charge electronics. 
2) Please do not call 911 or the Township offices to ask when the power will come back on. This is for emergencies and only PSEG or Atlantic City Electric can answer that question. 
3) Do not drive around road closed signs. The roads are cluttered with downed power lines, downed trees, vehicles, debris, and work crews cleaning up. We understand this is an inconvenience, but it is necessary for a quick and safe cleanup.  
4) Do not call Police for trees that are down on your property unless they are into a house, are creating a safety hazard, are down across a road, or across power lines. 
5) When approaching an intersection with no power, it is a four way stop. Please stop and yield before proceding. 

6)  Township personnel are still in damage assessment mode, but another BRUSH pick-up is anticipated and the logistics are being worked on now. Details will be emailed or check the website or our official Facebook page.  Any other debris will be handled via regular trash pick-up or by scheduling a bulk-trash pickup it item(s) are eligible.  The Garage remains open on Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons and the 3rd Saturday morning of the month for residents to transport anything else they need to dispose of.

Also, to assist our Office of Emergency Management with obtaining an accurate account of the damage that was sustained during the storm Tuesday night for potential assistance from the Federal &/or State government, we are asking property owners who sustained damage to complete an on-line report using this link:

Everyone has been impacted by this storm in one way or another. We ask that you assist us in assisting you by following these simple rules to help speed up the cleanup. Thank you 

  • Municipal Center Address: 49 Union Street, Medford, NJ 08055-2432
  • Phone: (609) 654-2608
  • Fax: (609) 953-4087
  • Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30pm