Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee (EAAC) to Offer Community Forum on March 14th

Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee (EAAC) to Offer Community Forum
Tuesday, March 14, 2023—7:00 pm at the Public Safety Building Courtroom– 91 Union Street

*will also be livestreamed via the Township website & archived for later viewing at

The EAAC is most pleased to offer a community forum and educational program on March 14th. This meeting is open to the public; no pre-registration is necessary. Topics to be covered include the following:

Green Products – Ileen Wright. Discussion of new sustainable household products and packaging that is environmentally friendly yet still effective.

Creating a Wildlife Habitat – Cecelia Schmidt, CLA. Ms. Schmidt is a licensed Landscape Architect with many years of experience creating natural habitat areas for her clients. This discussion will focus on how to create and maintain a wildlife habitat area in your backyards &/or HOA open space areas.

Wetlands, Buffers & Transition Areas – Robert Petrillo. Mr. Petrillo is a certified ecologist and professional wetland scientist with concentrated experience in freshwater wetlands and threatened & endangered species in NJ. We’ve all heard about the presence of wetlands in Medford, and he will explain what they are, why they are important, and best methodologies to preserve them.

Spotted Lanternfly – Saul Vaiciunas. Mr. Vaiciunas is a Plant Pathologist working for the NJ Dept. of Agriculture and has been working on the spotted lanternfly problem since 2018 when they were first discovered in NJ. He has been with the NJDA for 22 years conducting surveys for invasive plant pests including insects, plant diseases, nematode and even mollusks and weeds. He will discuss identification and eradication methods for the spotted lanternfly, which could potentially have devastating consequences in Medford. (The Township’s March edition of the Medford Messenger e-Newsletter will have more info on the SLF. –It will be posted here on March 1st: https://www.medfordtownship.com/enewsletter

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