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Welcome to Medford's Parks & Open Space and Farmland preservation page. Medford no longer sponsors a Recreation Department, however a multitude of programs and activities are available for residents.  Please use this link for information on other service providers.

This office, a unit of the Township Manager's Office, is responsible for the provision  and facilitation of responsive and professional park planning, design, construction, rehabilitation and preservation in order to achieve a safe, environmentally sensitive and aesthetically pleasing park and open space environment.

Working in coordination with the Public Works Department, we provide park maintenance complemented with the collaborative involvement of residents, local agencies and non-profits in parks monitoring, beautification and programming.

Please use our automated Citizen Service Request Program to notify us of any issues in our parks. The system will prompt you to those situations in which immediate notification in lieu of an e-mail is required.   

HUNTING PROHIBITED:  Per The Township's Administrative Code #109-3 (Parks & Playgrounds), it is prohibited to "hold, posses, or use any firearm or weapon in or within 300 feet of any park, playground or open space area," and "molest, trap, capture or hunt, remove, injure or kill any animal or disturb its habitat, except in portions of any park or open space area designated as open for fishing."


Medford Township officials are most pleased to announce that the four (4) new pickleball courts opened on May 8, 2023 in Freedom Park, located at 86 Union Street. 

The need for pickleball courts was expressed in several public hearings when the Township’s Recreation & Open Space Master Plan was being developed and adopted in 2019.   In response, the Township Council budgeted capital improvement funds to construct the courts, which are located near the skatepark and community garden area of Freedom Park.

Reservations can be made via the “Team Reach©” app.  Sports Paradise, located at 99 Hartford Road in Medford, has graciously volunteered to help manage this app for the Township as we open the courts.  The user name is "Freedom86." 

There are designated times set aside for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players.  Time is also set aside for a seniors instructional program operated under the auspices of the Cranberry Hall Senior Center.  The schedule and court rules are posted in the additional links sidebar to the right on this page.  

The courts will be open daily from 8:00 am until dusk.  Open play is built into the schedule, and given the anticipated demand, we ask that the common pickleball courtesies be extended to waiting players.


Thanks to grant from Sustainable Jersey & Atlantic City Electric, and in collaboration with the Township's Office of Emergency Management and Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee, a lightning detection system has been installed in Freedom Park. 

Warning sirens and strobe lights will be utilized to warn on impending storms and the need to seek safe shelter.  

Please click HERE for current weather information, and for more information about the warning system. 


Step 1: Send an email to Beth Portocalis ( to check availability for your desired location. Please include requested date (s) and time(s)

Step 2: If the desired date is available, complete pages 1, 2 & 3 of the Facility Use Permit Form, (see link in right sidebar or request a copy) and return to the attn. of Manager's Office c/o the contact information on this page. USPS mail, Email w/scanned PDF, and Fax are each acceptable. The Permit Form contains the rules, regulations and fees for use of Medford's parks.

Step 3:  The Medford Township Fee Schedule contains the listing of rental fees and deposits. The fees will be provided to you after confirming availability of the date(s) requested.  If payment is to be made by check, please make payable to “Township of Medford.” Payments can only be made by check or money order. Cash payments are permitted to be made, but only in person at the Municipal Center.

*All applications require a Certificate of Insurance.  If the applicant does not have the ability to secure said Certificate, insurance coverage can be provided via a third party vender of the Township's Joint Insurance Fund.  For more info, visit:

Step 4: If the desired date is approved, the signed, executed permit application will be returned indicating that the permit has been approved.

Step 5: All requests for pavilions include use of the restroom building. 

Step 6: After the facility is inspected by the Township, the deposit will be returned in full.    


Medford Township and the Medford Youth Athletic Association (MYAA) have an agreement in place that has transferred athletic field maintenance responsibilities to the MYAA.  Under this agreement, any league or team that requests use of facilities maintained by the MYAA will be responsible for fees payable to the MYAA, along with an application fee to the Township. Organizations requesting use of athletic fields must first send an email listing the type of fields that are requested along with the requested dates of use. Please note that all athletic organizations must provide a Certificate of Insurance with Medford Township and the MYAA as additional insured. Youth organizations must also submit documentation that coaches and other adults have undergone a volunteer fingerprint background check.  

***Please note that all of Medford Township’s park facilities have a carry-in, carry-out policy regarding recyclables. Further, all park facilities are 100% smoke, tobacco, drug, and alcohol free and these substances are therefore strictly prohibited.***  




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