Boards & Commissions

The Township Council adopted The Civic Responsibility Act of the Township of Medford Ordinance in December, 2013.  The purpose of this Ordinance is to foster the openness of government and provide citizens with information concerning the various Appointed Municipal Positions which exist within the Township of Medford.  The Ordinance further provides for a procedure whereby a citizen can indicate his/her desire to serve in a particular appointed position.  Finally, the Ordinance provides for a notification process so that those citizens who have indicated a desire to hold a position will be notified when that position is under consideration for appointment and will ultimately be notified as to the action that was taken. 



All Boards, Commissions, Committees, and Task Forces under the jurisdiction of the Township of Medford serve at the pleasure of the Township Council.  Each of these entities was created for different reasons.  Each has a different relationship with both the Township Council and the Township support staff.  Each body has specific provinces of jurisdiction and scope of authority as provided by Township Ordinance, State Statute or both.  Boards, Commissions, Committees, and Task Forces may have administrative, managerial, quasi-judicial, investigatory, and/or advisory powers dependent upon the enabling legislation.  Most of these bodies do not set policy, but rather act as a collective citizen sounding board in the policy process.


Boards may have administrative, quasi-judicial, or advisory powers, which are stated in the enabling ordinance.  For example, the Zoning Board of Adjustments is a quasi-judicial body.  Boards are standing or permanent bodies, involved in ongoing subject areas.


Commissions and Committees have more limited roles than do boards in most cases.  Commissions usually act in an advisory/or investigatory capacity to the Township Council.  Commissions are usually standing bodies, involved with ongoing subject areas but may be subject to statutory authority while Committees are standing bodies established by local ordinance.

Task Forces

Task Forces are issue specific bodies designed to aid in the accomplishment of a specific goal or policy.  Task Forces are not usually standing bodies, unless the nature of the subject area dictates otherwise.

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