Notice to Builders, Contractors and Property Owners

New Framing Checklist Requirement

The State of New Jersey has recently adopted a rule change which now requires that a framing checklist be completed by "the responsible person in charge of work" *prior to receiving the required framing inspection by this office. NJAC 5:23-2.18(b)1iv(1)(E).

Each of the boxes marked "B" shall be checked off as appropriate and signed by "The responsible person in charge of work"*

This new rule adoption is effective immediately. If you have not yet received the new inspection checklist, it is available online here, or at this office.

The Checklist is required for all new construction, additions, etc. where constructed in whole or part with wood or engineered lumber.

*"The responsible person in charge of work" is the person who is responsible to the owner for insuring that all work is installed and completed in conformity with the regulations. This person could be the architect or engineer, contractor, or a third party acceptable to the construction official. NJAC 5:23-2.15(b)

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact this office.

Notice to Contractors

Home Improvement Contractors Must BE Registered with the Division of Consumer Affairs by December 31, 2005.

The Contractors' Registration Act, signed into law in May 2004 and amended in November 2004, requires for the first time in this State oversight of those who perform certain kinds of residential construction and also for some who provide certain services att he homes of New Jersey residents.

The law requires contractors engaged in the business of selling or making home improvemetns to register with the Division of Consumer Affairs by December 31, 2005.

After December 31, 2005, contractors who have not received registration numbers will not be allowed to obtain construction permits or undertake any home improvement work in new jersey.

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